i’ve been in love with love


somewhere the mosaic of a setting sun
that you and i have been witness too
but i don’t know you and you
wax along with the moon

somewhere between milling crowds and
billowing breeze our paths have crossed
traveling side by side, but
strangers we remain to distant shores

a bench in the park longs for your return
and i traipse through life like the sunflower does
maybe you’ve been the haunting eyes
i spied in the market place ages ago

but if you don’t tell me your name ..i’ll never know


41 thoughts on “i’ve been in love with love

  1. Hi kismet, so romantic! I think that it is about being in love with ourselves,with the real one hidden inside, I like the market part, sometimes when we least expected we are the true selves, only for one second maybe. And your photos are always so gorgeous!

  2. ‘maybe you’ve been the haunting eyes
    i spied in the market place ages ago’

    Apart from you, no one here I know could have written these lines. Your posts scream emotions, I think you are a person always in love with something or someone 😀

    The picture was amazing with the sharp eyes piercing the onlooker.

    When I see the title I remember an album song by Album song by Alisha Chinoy, ‘Ishq ka kasoor nahi’ which has the same line in it but in Hindi. Check it out if you haven’t 🙂

    Have a great day.

  3. sherinsk says:

    you are only getting better this is another lovely peace. 🙂
    To be frank when you commented the words powerfullines under my haiku then only i realized that my haiku on jesus was an accidental gem 😛

  4. Sounds like a fleeting romance that returns once in a while. It’s strange how people come and go from our lives. It’s those who come back we have to pay attention to x

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