Ode to a Monday someday

One of the nicest feelings is to wake up in the morning with absolute no thoughts of having to be any place but home…. Of brewing a fresh pot of tea and thinking only as much as the next breath ..of watching the world come to life in the early morning …the small tea shop with its very first set of customers trailing in to grab hot sweet tea … As I watch them from afar I often wonder what strangers who are up and about at that hour must talk about? could it be about life’s follies or could it be about the weather …. I long then to be part of the conversation but I settle myself comfortably watching and imagining the get together…..then my mind wanders off in the direction of breakfast and a snooze and some more tea and things that ought to be done but could be ignored this very day….life at its simplest happiest best ….and then there Ralph who insists anoushka is coming over for lunch…. Lazy mornings and imaginary friends makes for an intoxicating day…. One in which the variables are only as complex as you want them to be


Three steps ahead
Only to fall back in line
So I wait for you to make your move
You smile …you know ….you moved on ages ago

To magic …. Always

I hope that the days that follow bring with them a happy note …. Am going to spend the rest of the month chasing the rain…. swimming against a setting sun …dropping in at Omo for a filter cafe and gooey chocolate cake ….wishing against all odds that you respond to my subtext…. But here’s the thing …. Do you really listen …. somehow I doubt you do…but hey iam still going to go ahead and be happy coz I’ve got life running in my veins and laughter in my soul