Tea For Kismet

❤❤❤my kind of tea party….beautiful pictures by the Shah of Blah!!

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At The Chai Stall At The Chai Stall

This post is dedicated to a young lady who goes by the name, and blog name, of Kismet. She does write some really cool poetry…

Anyway, she had asked me to take some photos of tea, chai stalls. I now have a collection, and will put them up on my Behance & 500 px things once I sort them out and clean them up.

So, young lady, have some chai!

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à la folie…


octobers my favorite color, as is to swim in waters blue…more so in depths of grey
wrapped in delicious ambiguity of an ordinary life, with not so ordinary expectations
myriad highs and lows of feelings tenacious, but caught in their estranged
cavorting smiles and fleeting glances, all lost in endless romances decadently
donuts, cafe, midnight flea markets, infusion of colors in scarves
imaginary friends and a reel world, a canvas so vast, it holds all my madness at home