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Bio: 'tea in the sahara with you' Naughty - my predominant mood; having a laugh my passion. Of tousled hair and bewitching smiles, randomness to thinking a mile…acutely shy and a virago by turns.. ……........amazing grace~~ absurdity~~ alice in Wonderland~~ Anais nin~~art galleries, ~~autumn~~ bookshops~~buddha~~charlie chaplin~~crows cawing~~cups of tea~~colonial houses~~decadence~~dido~~don juan~ ~eccentricity~~empathy~~ee cummings~~ ernest, hemingway~~fairy tales~~F Scott Fitzgerald~~fleamarkets~~folk music~ ~ frangipani~ ~franz kafka~~geisha~~gothic~ greta garbo~~Heathcliff~~humour~~imperfection~~ jasmine~~jane eyre~ ~j~~kissing~~klimt~~knights~~ k d lang~ ~laughter~~long skirts~~longing~~mah-jongg~ ~mist~~moon~~nina ricci~~old souls~ ~ paris~ ~passion~~patchouli~~pooh bear~~rin-tin-tin~ ~romance~~rudolph valentine~ ~selma~ ~sepia~~shadows~~shyness~stained glass~ ~surreal~~subtle~~sunflowers~~synchronicity~~ symphony~~tea rooms~~tutankhamun~~t s eliot~~ the beautiful and the damned~~trees~~virginia woolf~~vintage erotica~ ~voluptuous women~ ~wanderings~ ~waiting~ ~watching~~wildflowers~~words~~wuthering heights

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64 thoughts on “About

  1. darkyblue says:

    Hi there,
    I wanted to thankyou you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to read so many of my poems.
    Sorry I haven’t stopped by earlier today but I’ve only just got home from a busy day.
    You have a great blog so I look forward to spending more time here.
    Have a great day
    Darkyblue 🙂

  2. Great list – you’ve got a lot of my favorites artfully woven in there. Love the main image – what is the instrument you’re playing? I’ve travelled a lot and collect instruments whenever I go.

  3. Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving those wonderful comments behind. I thought I’d come over and check out yours… And am I surprised?!! I think “intriguing” is the first adjective that comes to my mind… Please take that as a compliment, because that’s what will keep me coming back..:-) Take care and I look forward to your beautiful posts in the future.

  4. Hello Anamika (guessing that’s your name)

    This page can’t get any better. 🙂 I love your blog, you are an amazing writer and a mysterious person 😛 a great photographer too.

    Waiting to read more from you. Happy blogging 🙂

  5. Interesting and unique about page, says a lot of it’s Author.
    Thank you so much for the visit to my blog 🙂 I’m looking forward to exploring yours.
    Before I explore…which is your favorite post (we all have one)?

  6. thank you for visiting my blog. I’m really glad you like my stuff and it meant a lot that you took the time to leave a comment on some of my posts. I was wondering if there was any way I could talk to you because you seem to share a certain passion and appreciation for poetry and I admire that in someone

    if not, I understand and that’s fine. just thought I would ask

    • Ah..that’s the thing…the whole is not as exciting and adventurous as the parts…but I do try ❤😊😊…I sends you much love and many hugs 🌺🌷❤

    • Awwww…thank you….thank you…just hearing that made my day …😄😄 and iam of course going to celebrate your thought with some tea and cupcakes 😊😊thank you once again anoop…you are one if the first few I engaged with on this blog and your feedback has encouraged me to continue with my silly whims and fancies …so am eternally grateful to you ❤

  7. weight2lose2013 says:

    From Chaplin to Garbo, and patchouli to Pooh Bear, you are quite eclectic! Not to mention a beautiful profile gravatar, and that I’ve learned your name today. I truly enjoyed reading your profile. 🙂

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