i’ve been in love with love


somewhere the mosaic of a setting sun
that you and i have been witness too
but i don’t know you and you
wax along with the moon

somewhere between milling crowds and
billowing breeze our paths have crossed
traveling side by side, but
strangers we remain to distant shores

a bench in the park longs for your return
and i traipse through life like the sunflower does
maybe you’ve been the haunting eyes
i spied in the market place ages ago

but if you don’t tell me your name ..i’ll never know


A room with a view

I can spend a day and then some imagining what lies behind a window with lace white curtains ….is there much laughter and good food? do they sip endless cups of tea? books strewn all about of little known authors ….maybe hand made notebooks in orange and fuchsia for all the little reminders and curios hand picked to mark travels to distant lands, each one lovingly enveloping a memory. Art on the wall that is evocative of knowing it all….sepia photographs of where it all began…tea cups in gay abandon lined up against a corner wall to snooty tea pots that frown …a riot of flowers …surely sunflowers? and jasmine? Sunlight that roams like a vagabond, crisp white linen and turquoise walls, frankincense that meanders about and somewhere a glass menagerie that bears witness to all that is fragile.