A room with a view

I can spend a day and then some imagining what lies behind a window with lace white curtains ….is there much laughter and good food? do they sip endless cups of tea? books strewn all about of little known authors ….maybe hand made notebooks in orange and fuchsia for all the little reminders and curios hand picked to mark travels to distant lands, each one lovingly enveloping a memory. Art on the wall that is evocative of knowing it all….sepia photographs of where it all began…tea cups in gay abandon lined up against a corner wall to snooty tea pots that frown …a riot of flowers …surely sunflowers? and jasmine? Sunlight that roams like a vagabond, crisp white linen and turquoise walls, frankincense that meanders about and somewhere a glass menagerie that bears witness to all that is fragile.


5 thoughts on “A room with a view

  1. You got me at “frankincense”…then “glass menagerie that bears witness to all that is fragile…” I am feeling an entire story here, Kismet…..Please copyright your gems. *Your offerings coax my longing for tea….with sliced lemon:-) Kudos!

      • Would you believe that I was in Lecce yesterday scrounging the shops for white lace curtains? 🙂 I then ventured into a book shop(international section) and within five minutes, wrapped my fingers around Manuscript Found in Accra by Paulo Coelho, spiced with flecks of red and gold. I will read this gem while sipping lemon verbena tea. Thank you for your creative mind and your beautiful photos. Blessings!

      • Ah…days like that are the best days ….walking around a book shop hoping to find something you aren’t exactly looking for and then afterwards settling down to some tea❤❤sending you much love ❤

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