‘a dream within a dream’


she used to watch them from a distance
through the smog of days and cold of haze
autumnal joy and the glory of rain
the girl with a laugh and a smile
that never foretold about things to come
what she remembers of him was his eyes and
the cuff link pair and a watch thick and grey
together they formed a connection that ought to have withstood time
in the days that followed through the festivals and endless cheer
and work that led them through hiccups of sleepless nights
life was but a celebration of the whimsy of hearts
but when the connection broke and yes it did
she wonders if they just disappeared into the wide world
fragmented and torn, at peace and warm
sitting across strangers with a teacup in hand
making chitchat that didn’t really belong
did they watch from afar or did they look for life?

she didn’t think so…she was the connection after all.


the lovers, the dreamers & i

An elegant kind of quietness arrives in no apparent hurry to be anywhere. I watch the narrative unfold, sometimes a stranger to those very pages whose sheaves provide the comfort of home. You, you sit facing a mirror, you love yourself so. Together, we are chess players waiting to make a move.

Somewhere a heart beat bubbling forth like cappuccino froth rises and seeks no more.

between a memory and a dream


The sky stood shy almost as if it be the muse posing for an unknown artist who has yet to create his masterpiece. And beyond, the trees cavorted in the sunshine …a beautiful play of light and shadows. The scattered leaves shuffled around like children on a merry go round, the waves indulgent…and for a moment I heard the sound of my own laughter …the one where I am ecstatically happy for no reason at all and I wondered if it was déjà vu or a memory of you but I must have been dreaming cause I do know you’ve always preferred Versace Eros to Paco Rabanne…