if we but met…


don’t say i haven’t been searching
but you can’t find what you don’t know you want
If it’s walls in which you put your trust
mine are built beyond the infinite line

don’t look for love in places, faces
cause am never to be found
if you and i were to meet
it has to be in a nameless street long after am gone


47 thoughts on “if we but met…

  1. Dripping with melancholia. You Indians have a penchant for torturing yourselves don’t you? Tell you what. You go down your nameless street and leave your symbolic flower, and at the end of the day, you wander back, and you’ll find some tall dark sensitive soul with his nose stuck in it wondering who was the sad, sensitive soul who left the flower there for him to find. Go on, try it! Absolute gem of a poem by the way 🙂

    • Hahahaha….I know exactly what you mean…but sigh am a succor for a not so happy ending 😄
      ps: if I was to go back…the flowers would have been trampled …and long gone…and with it the thought 😄

  2. I am about to wrap up work and head home .. just thought I’d come back and read this one again, before I shut down for the day… Should say it all, I guess… 🙂 Take care!

  3. Beautiful Beautiful. Haunting, and full of longing. All the comments above say everything I want to say. Sooo want to make it a happy ending, but realise that is not your way 🙂
    Oh well, time for a cuppa and a sigh 🙂

  4. exiledprospero says:

    I want the ephemeral. I want a chance meeting on some forlorn street. I want the imprevisible in the form of a wispy cloud.

  5. Nothing could be truer than the last line when it is love… I really sometime bound to think that there are fewer people who can add so much color to words without saying much. Hats off…

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