a september afternoon…

she stood aloof watching the barrage
her lowered eyes hiding the glaze
the september sun toyed with her hair

the platform abuzz with all the crowd
nameless faces and bustling bodies
trains that came and went and carried along
lives & song and destinies all at once

he stood solid, sipping his tea
his mind alive with all that could be
his face a mask of urbane sanity

the scent of jasmine drew him in
as did her silhouette in chiffon
one look at her was all it took
to reign in thoughts of september, 2002

she boarded a train bound for west
he watched from afar, strangely bereft


25 thoughts on “a september afternoon…

  1. I like this almost-meeting at a station. One of the things I like about stations or airports, is watching others and wondering what their story is. You capture this moment so well, with lovely phrases πŸ™‚

    • Stations and airports and quaint coffee shops offer an interesting insight into a world different from yours…πŸ˜€ one which is as vivid as your imagination is 😊😊

  2. Hello Anamika,

    Your words are amazing and touching as usual. Beautifully penned down, I loved it

    You just made me sad today. Ooty, Lovedale, Ketti, Aravangadu, Wellington Coonoor as I remember those places, may be the order is wrong or I might have missed out some place but I have stood there on the platforms. You just brought memories back, spent some blissful time of my life there. Beautiful blue hills.

    Did you study there?

    • so you did notice that 😊aye!! Pieces of music, conversations in quaint coffee shops, expression on faces of significant others across the years remain. I can’t seem to forget them❀

    • Isn’t it a lovely quaint place..😊 and yes it’s been so many years and I still wait for someone to say hello at a railway platform πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  3. weight2lose2013 says:

    I see that trains are also in your stories! “her silhouette in chiffon” conflates such sensual imagery. πŸ™‚

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