48 thoughts on “fade to grey

  1. sherinsk says:

    Yaa Dusk is beautiful.But which is more beautiful?Dawn or Dusk 🙂
    Actually when i searched for some other image on google i accidentally tumbled upon that pigeons flying around girls image.For some reason i kept it.Yesterday i wrote those lines by just looking at that picture.
    Are you a dancer,singer or plays musical Instrument?Is that veena in your hands?I am from south india.Your dressing and all looks to me as you are someone from northern part of india.Correct?How is life there?
    Anyway god bless and thanks for the like and comment.sorry i am a lazy person i have been here to your blog many times 😛

  2. Wonderful arrangement of light, plenty of colours making the snap very beautiful. Beautiful use of words. I loved this post. Amazing, both the picture and poem. You are a very creative person 🙂

  3. F.G.M. says:

    you write inspired and inspiring beautiful poems! I’m glad we’re now connected, you remind me of a very dear friend of mine, Zara – I think you knox her blog! kind regards 🙂

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