the lightness of being…

The wind is heavy with the luscious goodness of unfallen rain…leaves behave like they have no nest…the sun a truant boy bouncing off curtains long…the smell of spiced tea with cinnamon strong…me ensconced in a layer of lyrics hauled up from various cupboards of the mind…serenading the innocence of yesterdays.

you could be happy…


28 thoughts on “the lightness of being…

  1. Sometimes…I don’t want to press the ‘like’ star even though I liked it so much just because I fear getting lost in the crowd. Am I wrong to feel so? Keeping aside my feeling, your words are more of a painting that want to be sen even when it has been seen enough.

    • I agree with you ❤ I sometimes like to read …and just think about what someone is feeling …❤ And you just made me feel happy on a rainy Saturday morning❤ hugs and love always

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