don’t turn your gypsy heart

Does it ever happen to you …when your ‘life’ seems to acquire a ‘life’ of its own? When it recedes into it’s shell and watches the comings and goings with an avid sangfroid….waiting for something or nothing, not hurting but not forgetting either but always always wanting to hop into rain puddles, huddle around liberally sweetened hot tea, waving at sunflowers tall, straining to hear the temple bells ring at dawn, watching the passage of the waning moon and complaining to you about new red shoes and him not having called?


11 thoughts on “don’t turn your gypsy heart

    • Hmmm…i reckon the folks next to it were hibiscus..charming ladies in shades of lavender …this and I can only guess here is from the hollyhock family? ☺☺

  1. Oh, my goodness!! 🙂 You are such an extraordinary writer!!! 🙂 I love your writing so much, I could just read and read and read!! 🙂 It makes my soul smile! 🙂 Thank you for letting me peek into your beautiful mind! 🙂

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