where the echoes remain

I collect memories like others do sea shells…and I house them in little jars of colored glass…and when the rain drops incessantly I sit and open my jars quite like I was looking for a cookie …what comes out are remnants of life pieced together in a manner that I like and believe..what is it they say about the whole being bigger than the sum of the parts? Sometimes just sometimes I wish the parts would take up a life of their own and create their very own story….like echoes in the dark.


19 thoughts on “where the echoes remain

  1. exiledprospero says:

    i’m a collector too and had to develop a proprietary system, as no one at the sanatorium had the wherewithal, the sameness of mind, or the inexpugnable desire to rise to the challenge, and so, after years of studying a hairline crack on the ceiling, i came up with this: memories are kept in jars, feelings are best placed in envelopes (a wax seal is nice but isn’t strictly necessary), colors are stored in ampoules, and daydreams are ensconced in a bed of downy feathers. Since we are in full agreement about the suitability of jars to safeguard memories, i hope that you may find my other methods useful in some way.

  2. The hairline crack in the ceiling and I are imaginary friends from another decade….I shall hereby transfer the dreams from the dilapidated trunk to the mattress you say?…but what of the music and the songs?

  3. calmlife282 says:

    surprising. I was thinking about write something about memories but in mother tongue ‘Malayalam’. But reading this made me happy :)…

      • calmlife282 says:

        I don’t blame you. Few of my north Indian friends and some from outside told me it’s one of those languages that is spoken very fast. So it’s hard to follow or learn it 🙂

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