Blurred details of the heart


I hear you shut the door
Leaving perhaps for something more
I hear you climb down the stairs
Never believing that thing about immortal pairs

I imagine the letter slipped under the door
Left blank as you wouldn’t know what to say
It’s ok I’ve always read between the lines
A no is a no even when there’s no sign


20 thoughts on “Blurred details of the heart

    • And tonight iam hoping you will be watching your fav team…somebody has to win and I hope it doesn’t happen through penalties 😄😄

      • My team is all out…But yes our little boy ‘Messi’ is playing. I hope he can work his magic for Argentina.

        Hope you also watch and enjoy the game, mysterious gal 🙂


  1. Really nice lines… Somehow apt to what I am experiencing right now. Loved your blog, extremely livid and bright and colorful… Keep it up.. Looking forward for more!! 🙂

  2. There must some option to publish a comment on all the blogs in a single click. Even if I say that I have no words to say… these will be the words again. Really touched…and thanks for following Dreamenology…I never started writing this blog with the intention of getting followed or liked…but you really liked it a lot then I am really privileged. Thanks!

  3. Love this one. The echos of heartache felt all the way here. Beautiful letting go. Your style is very unique and I like the way it flows and paints pictures. Beautiful!

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