And it rains ….

Nothin heavy on the mind, just a symphony of sounds absorbed along with an absconding heart. Watching the rains come down …longing for a new start.


15 thoughts on “And it rains ….

  1. Kismet….Your vibe is just up my alley…On my way to a dance class but will definitely check your blog out on my return. Thanks for liking my recent entry(first time after a long hiatus)…Light and peace!

  2. calmlife282 says:

    It’s very short but how well you have expressed it. I wish to have that much command over the language. Sincere jealousy 🙂

  3. Yes true, Rains are a real pleasure back in my place, trees roads and everything screaming freshness and new start… I hope you get your much awaited new start…Enjoy the rains 🙂

    I sure would miss the rains … Cheers

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