A slice of life

A slice of life

1994 and the deserted cafe that Das and I were often to be found in, brimming with confidence and the insouciance of just being ….chattering away as we found our corner table for two, unmindful of the stares we may have got, hell bent on deciphering the intrigues of the tiny office over masala dosa and filter kaphi ….scandals building more in our minds then in the workplace and between many sips sometimes veering off to discuss whether we wanted to shop at sarojini nagar or GK M block. Often the place decided by what day of the month it was and how much did we really have to spend on our our frivolous buys.

1998 and the cafe was bigger brightly lit and much of the conversation had moved on beyond the passé workplace intrigues to twittering on ill found romance and the surety of just being. We ordered our cappuccinos nursing them to the last dregs and taking bites of the mango mousse undecided and restless but so sure of where life was headed and the desire to fit into a Levi’s slim fit.

2003 saw Das in the same city and me in a new one. All signs of comfort having being dimmed and yet a new found confidence of waiting for G to come pick me up. Often the drives aimless so long as the music was good and finally landing up at a deserted farm house where the rabbits hopped in and out of their cages and the fronds grew decadently strong. Sunrise witnessed over coffee brought from the nearby dhabha and laughter that echoed all around.

2009 spent hanging in corporate corridors awaiting word over mindless cups of tepid coffee and polite laughter. Exchanging surreptitious glances all the while aware that office romance was off bounds. Formal meetings in hotels whose stars were worth every pound. Sipping wine that came from foreign lands whilst mindful of stares and wrapping the scarf around. Dreaming of holidays in places everyone one was bound.

2013 lounging in torn jeans and flip flops high on a roof top watching folks from afar. Smile in the eyes and home made tea watching a custard moon romance a tangerine sky. Trying to recount the endless faces of kind strangers and awaiting a phone call…


16 thoughts on “A slice of life

  1. I loved this work. The structure you chose reminded me of the way raindrops presaging a storm strike the surface of water. These are glimpses only, but they make such a powerful impression precisely for that reason–in a more fully fleshed narrative their impact would be lost among many other images.

  2. Hey! Wow this was quite captivating to say the least…. Brilliant imagery and simplicity…. The 2013 para got me to the reality of my being…. Thanks and super stuff! Many cheers and smiles! ☺️

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