Calling all Vikings

If you’re hiding in some forlorn cafe hoping to meet your soul mate like Iam wont to do ….I’d reckon it may take a while. Here’s the thing though I do wonder where they can be found? I hadn’t really meant to voice that aloud but then Ralph must make himself heard …thats umm what imaginary friends are wont to do…..he looked at me and said maybe I ought to call off the search and simply enjoy the sudanese blend. And to the ummm Vikings I do meet in life ….smile more and take a chance ….ask her if she’d like another round of coffee and don’t worry mommy is right around. Meanwhile onto matters more frivolous may-haps a dip?

And afterwards I could read your fortune in the dregs?


9 thoughts on “Calling all Vikings

  1. Seeking a soul mate…I’m no stranger to that quest. But the more I grow into myself, the more I understand that, at least for me, it cannot be boiled down to a simple passionate attraction. I seek another who is also myself–a mirror that is nonetheless my opposite. I figure this will happen or not. Perhaps my questing (in vain) has been the mechanism that narrowed my focus and caused me to miss a connection I ought to have made; for its own sake, not because I wanted a bedmate. Everything builds on itself. Lovely work. Thank you for sharing.

    • Iam told by the wise that the day I truly fall in love with myself my search will stop ☺☺….in the meanwhile I meander about and enjoy many a cup of tea❤❤

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