An ordinary life….an impossible love


Woke up to the incessant chatter of birds ….well my lovelies I hopes breakfast was good coz mine will have to wait ….. It rains now ….and I am on my third cup of cardamom tea. I like the rains in kumarakom, they are as moody as I am and often make an appearance when ummm none is called for …. But I like their hurried departure even more …. leaving everything soaked with infinite goodness and cheer.

Kumarakom where the gods smile ever so often….


11 thoughts on “An ordinary life….an impossible love

      • As always, I can never stay long enough at my native. I have to choose between not going out (enjoying rains) and going out, and I always end up choosing the latter as I come for few days only to Kerala. I hope next year is different. 🙂

  1. sherinsk says:

    Maybe you guys make my state the real god’s own country.The last line i loved soaking everything or making everything new.can i borrow it for a rain poem 🙂 ?

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