Silly storms in a tea cup for two

Here’s how you could make me fall truly madly in love with you….. tell me what made you grin uncontrollably when you were seven and I shall tell you what I was like when I was five …. tell me what you think when you’re having your first cup of morning coffee and a sheepish grin appears from nowhere…. Or when your reading yesterday’s unread paper …. tell me how you choose your tie or which aftershave you use when you know the girl will be close enough to say so …. tell me that sometimes you gaze at the moon and you often think I wonder who else is out tonight …. tell me you tell yourself that soul mates don’t exist but you still haven’t given up your search …..tell me what you are thinking when you’re lying in bed the laptop screen lighting up your face in the dark …. tell me whose smile you see or whose laugh you hear right before you fall asleep…. tell me what you’ve always wanted to text a girl but haven’t had the courage to do so….. tell me that you’ve often thought of running into someone on a slow train ride to nowhere in particular ….tell me that strangers meet in stranger places and that you shall too ….tell me you’ve searched for forgotten playgrounds and crushed autumn leaves in hope of catching music long gone but never forgotten


5 thoughts on “Silly storms in a tea cup for two

  1. I love this one 🙂 It’s simply awesome. I can’t describe in words, but just amazing.

    Keep writing girl. I think I’m in love with your posts. I am gonna read them all. 😀

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