Someday maybe you will

I hope when you look behind in time you do realize I was a best friend …. I’d so prefer for you to think so…. am not sure what else I would like you to remember but surely you won’t forget the dinner table or the one movie we watched together …. the evening spent sitting outside after the bar was long closed….. the dinner at your fav place which incidentally is the only place I feel happy in …. the excited chatter as I told you facts from my world ….. the first coffee experience and I have to say you were most attentive so much so that I had this urge to hurry back into my shell but I didn’t do that …. the waking you up in the early mornings when outside it was still dark and cold and the tea made with so much love and affection …. wafting music to cheer myself up more than you as your leaving always left me bereft …. the calls you made along the way all the way upto when you boarded your flight …. the one time you insisted I join you for Christmas …. I hope you remember these things I truly wish you would ….. as for me I take refuge in the fact that I did everything with a whole lot of heart and you left it cold and dark and never once looked back …. so I set you free and I hope you find love that is kind


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