Signs of love or ummm maybe not

I have to actively stop my brain of thinking about you…. Yup …. I read the signs well except that I’ve got them all jumbled up so much so that when you say you love me I look for excuses as to why in earth would you? And if you said I was beautiful I would wonder what it is you are truly craving for…. I used to think that if a guy called you last thing at night it meant he wanted to fall asleep thinking about you and that you were on his kind all day long till I discovered that the only reason he did that was probably because he forgot all about feeding the dog …. Yup …. Wooooof…. some kind of wonderful is often a mixture of illusion and part wanting…. And there does come a time when the calls sort of just Peter off and you are left wondering if the phone bill wasn’t paid!!!! But you still live to wake to another day and another chocolate donut and life goes on….. But what baffles me is why would he send you a picture he clicked of a glam shot model….. And months later it hits you when you are sitting alone sipping a coffee and it rains that maybe you were just his friend … someone to confide into? And years later you tell yourself maybe I got the signs all wrong maybe he did love me and I was simply being Alice


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