Book of faces

I must have bought the dvd seven years ago when the movie released and yet iam never impulsed enough to watch anything under duress. In the time gone by I remember that k maybe gifted me that song as a ringtone on a Diwali many years ago. I fell in love with the songs thereafter I used to play them before I went for my walks in the lanes of kormangala. Meeting with k was never even a remote possibility… Just one of the many faces on my book of faces but we did. Some memories just fold themselves quietly into intricate origami patterns saved in some nondescript folder.

Iam a silly silly girl Iam in so many ways but that’s the thing about me I love the most. The fact that after Seven years I choose to watch that dvd on a Monday night watching the candles with their tiny glows of happiness sway gently, the curtains rise and falI to a balmy summer air. Its April and its seven years hence and yet here iam watching the movie for the first time all I can think off is that he didn’t leave behind any trace except for a charm bracelet with the sun n the moon and the stars and a single sunflower…


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